American mortgage online

Real estate loan

Real estate loan

Most of us do not have excess funds. It often happens that we are forced to borrow some cash. Mortgages thus represent one of the popular and demanded credit products. A classic mortgage is, however, bound by a specific purpose for which it is provided, it is usually a real estate financing.

But even if you want to borrow money and then use it for other, virtually any purpose, it’s no longer a problem. In this case, a special type of mortgage, the American mortgage, can be reached.

Features of this product

An American mortgage is characterized by a number of specifics , some of which vary depending on a particular mortgage product, while other characteristics are more or less similar, if not the same. Among the common parameters of all American mortgages can be, for example, a lien on real estate. This means that if you apply for an American mortgage, you have to guarantee a certain property in the Czech Republic.

Advantages of credit

The advantage of an American mortgage is at a low interest rate. It is one of the cheapest loans. As for the other characters, they already differ depending on the particular offer. These are the conditions that a mortgage broker requires to meet to give you a loan at all. Other unique features are the amount of the loan, the interest rate or the payment schedule.

American non-bank and bank mortgage

The offer of American mortgage products is really huge. This non-purpose mortgage product is offered by both banking companies and a number of non-banking institutions. If you compare these two sectors, you will find that there are significant differences between the different American mortgage programs. So you need to think through everything carefully and consider what American mortgage will be most beneficial and most beneficial for you.

Variant without registerxff

Variant without register

A US mortgage without a registry can tolerate a registry of borrowers or does not take an entry in the registry as an obstacle to obtaining a US mortgage

Variant without proof of income

For all who cannot or do not want to prove income there is an American mortgage without proof of income.

Online calculator


American mortgage offers online option to calculate loan simulation. This calculator is used for easier orientation in the US mortgage market. Use the calculator to quickly and easily compare bids and choose the best deals.

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