Energy renovation: what are the works loan rates?

The temperatures displayed this week are below seasonal norms. Three-quarters of French people tell the energy consulting site Lite lender that they are cold at home. 

However, carrying out renovation work would make it possible to overcome this feeling of cold, improve the energy performance of the property and save on the energy bill.

A work loan to improve the energy performance of your property

A work loan to improve the energy performance of your property

However, only 17% of respondents think of carrying out renovation work in the event of an increase in energy prices. However, the thermal renovation of the housing helps limit heat loss.

The roof is the main area of ​​heat loss, followed by the walls, windows and the door. For this, it is recommended to renovate the housing starting with the insulation of the roof , then of the walls (interior and / or exterior), the replacement of the windows and the door. The replacement of the boiler comes last.

In addition, the most expensive energy is electricity. For 1m² heated with electricity, you will spend 15.9 USD per year. Fuel oil comes in second place (12.6 USD / m² per year) followed by gas (11.5 USD / m² per year ) far ahead of wood heating (6.1 USD / m² per year ), according to Lite lender.

What Are The Works Loan Rates?

What Are The Works Loan Rates?

The construction loan allows you to concretize your renovation project. A financial investment that will allow you to lower the bill on your future energy bills.

Indeed, “the French are often unaware of the high profitability of these works which can pay for themselves in less than 5 years in many cases. Few investments offer such profitability, and even fewer allow bonuses to improve comfort, ” underlines Thibaut de Robien, Marketing Director of

In addition, “at the time of sale or rental, your home will benefit from a better ranking on the energy label of the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) “, notes Ademe.

For large or small jobs, the work loan rates vary depending on the duration and amount of the loan.

For example for a work loan of 15,000 USD to 29,999 USD:

  • Minimum rate of 2.30% and average rate of 2.93% over 36 months.

  • Minimum rate of 2.92% and average rate of 4.19% over 72 months.

The loan comparison work offered by different banks will allow you to get the best rate.

Find your consumer loan at the best rate, it’s easy and free!

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