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Credit despite trial period


As a rule, there is no loan from banks despite a trial period. Although the prospective borrower is in a permanent employment relationship, he is denied access to the loan. Depending on the employer, the trial period is in most cases six weeks. It counts as a higher risk for the banks, since the employee can be dismissed within two weeks during this period. But here too, the employment contracts are structured differently so that the requirements cannot be generalized.

Reasons for denial of credit

Reasons for denial of credit

In addition to the short notice period during the trial period, income does not provide long-term security. Banks are reluctant to rely on such a relationship and decide individually, depending on the person and circumstances. For some companies, however, the trial period is only compulsory in the employment contract and permanent employment is continued according to the time. In this context, banks can make an exception and approve a loan despite the trial period.

In most cases, it must be a trustworthy employer. A similar case occurs when the trial period is almost over, the employee has good leadership and nothing stands in the way of permanent employment. There are exceptions to a guarantee that can be included in the contract. However, the recipient of the guarantee must have a regular income and provide the bank with the necessary collateral that is not possible within a trial period.

Exceptions despite the trial period

Exceptions despite the trial period

The trial period is irrelevant if, for example, there is a couple with only one partner in the trial period. As long as the partner’s other income is sufficient, the trial period is irrelevant.

In spite of the probationary period, there is almost always a loan for small loans, such as mail order. Sometimes you don’t even have to provide proof of income. The trial period for car financing becomes unimportant if the down payment has been made in an appropriate amount.

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